How to Perform the Swing Cut Flourish

Step 1: Let’s Get to Grips

Person holding a deck of playing cards in Biddle Grip

Hold the cards in Biddle grip. This is one of the main Cardistry grips. In the right hand hold the deck palm down; with the thumb gripping the short edge closest to you and the index, middle and ring fingers gripping the short edge furthest from you. The pinky can hang freely. 

Person holding a deck of playing cards in Biddle grip. The nine of clubs is showing

Step 2: The Main Action

Person performing a cardistry cut in one hand, splitting the packet in two

Maintain grip with the thumb and ring finger. With the index finger, break off half of the deck. Extend your middle finger. The packet should split and create a “v” shape, pivoting off your thumb. You want to swing that packet slightly to the left - you’ll find you can swivel the now suspended packet fairly freely. 

Person performing the Swing cut, a packet is being split in two in one hand

Step 3: Receive

Continuation of the swing cut flourish

From here, as if you were going to shake someone’s hand. Clip the swivelled packet in the crotch of the left hand, between the thumb and your palm. Transfer the packet. You will find you naturally find dealer’s grip on the left hand.

Step 4: Repeat

Cardist performing the swing cut flourish

Repeat the above steps until you cycle throughout the entire deck. 

That’s it! Once you master this motion, you’ll be able to add variations such as throwing the packets to the opposite hand, and twirling the final packet as an added flourish. Perfecting this simple Cardistry move will leave you looking like a pro!

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