4 Essential Items that EVERY Cardist Needs!

4 Essential Items that EVERY Cardist Needs! - Joker and the Thief

While Cardistry itself requires a deck of cards and not much else, we wholeheartedly believe that there are a few select items that every Cardist needs! If you're new to Cardistry, this article should help you get a head start in your newly acquired hobby.

1. Squids by Pocketprk.com

four acrylic packets made by Cardist Chase Duncan to help practice Cardistry. Custom stickers by Pedro Oyarbide are applied.

These little beauties were born from the mind of Chase Duncan of Pocket Park. Squids are resin/acrylic packets that are designed as a new platform for Cardistry. In the early days these were considered as trainers for better improving your flourishes with playing cards. Coming in stacks of 4 or 5, Squids have several applications. You can practice your existing moves, learn a majority of new flourishes at a rapid pace, create completely new moves that are only possible with Squids, or even teach someone completely new to Cardistry their very first flourish. 

We believe the last point is extremely beneficial for introducing new members of the community to the art of Cardistry. Let's be honest, it's a hard skill to pick up. Squids make flourishing EASY, and that, we believe, is their strongest feature. 

You can buy them HERE!

2. Card Clips!

two card clips manufactured by Art of Play, one brass, one wrapped in crocodile leather

Let's not beat around the bush here. Card Clips are great for several reasons. 

They keep your cards straight. They prevent your boxes from getting crushed in your jeans and they are endlessly fashionable - you can get aluminium ones, brass ones, leather ones, abalone ones - the list goes on. The best ones in the business are produced by Dan and Dave Industries and Art of Play. 

Keep an eye out for our next blog article as we show you a cool little trick you can do with a card clip!

3. iPhone (Or a Mirror)

Apple iPhone and Dystopia Playing Cards resting on a wood platform

This one is pretty straightforward. Cardistry is a visual art form, so naturally you're going to want to see how your flourishes look. 

Take your iPhone, set it up and record your flourishes. Use slow-motion to really pick out the weak points in your moves and use that to tweak and improve your repertoire. Or just watch yourself in the mirror or on the screen of your phone. See what suits you best. 

4. Hand-Care Kit

hand care kit including nail clippers, nail buffers, file and Sukin nail and hand cream

This is perhaps the most important set of items on this list. You know what's gross? Dirty fingernails, long fingernails, and broken and dry skin. Cardistry is a performance art with focus on the hands (obviously), so you have to keep them clean and tidy yo. Invest in a kit today. Not only will your hands look great when presenting cardistry to spectators, it will also improve the way you carry yourself. It will give you more confidence, it will demonstrate that you have your life together, it is hygienic, and it makes you more approachable. If you're a guy, the ladies love a tidy man - just sayin'.

Here's what you need:

  • Nail Clippers
  • Nail File
  • Nail Buffer
  • Hand Moisturiser 

There you have it - 4 essential items that every Cardist needs. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!

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