joker and the thief playing card company custom decks of luxury playing cards made in the USA



Established in 2015, Joker and the Thief Playing Card Co. is an Australian based Cardistry lifestyle brand. We have an intense love for the craft and have a passion for creating rad products. Inspired by motorcycle, skate, and urban culture, Joker and the Thief builds an air of intrigue and fun through the use of story telling. This exists not only within the art of the cards, but in the way we present them. 


Our brand is a celebration of worlds colliding. We invite the world’s badasses to experience what the Cardistry lifestyle is all about; community. Whether you are a Cardist, a Sleight of Hand Artist, Skater, Rider, Nomad, a deck of Joker and the thief cards grants you the freedom to be a part of our world, to play, to connect, with the only result being fun and memories. We believe a life well lived, is one filled with good times!









James Milaras (Founder) - Joker and the Thief Playing Card Co.

PO Box 2246, Cairns, Queensland, 4870, Australia

U.S Return Mail Address - 620 Centrepoint Blvd, Suite B0041, New Castle, DE, 19720