Cardistry 101: Essential Terms Every Beginner Should Know

Cardistry 101: Essential Terms Every Beginner Should Know

Cardistry, the intricate art of card flourishing, has taken the world by storm. As you begin your journey into this mesmerizing hobby, it's essential to familiarize yourself with its unique language. Here's a list of key terms and their definitions to get you started:

  1. Flourish: A generic term for any cardistry move, encompassing displays, cuts, shuffles, and fans.

  2. Packet: A portion of the deck held separately from other cards, typically used in multi-card moves.

  3. Cut: A basic cardistry move where the deck is divided into two or more packets and then rearranged.

  4. One Handed Cut (OH): A one-handed card cut where the deck is split into two packets, with the bottom packet lifted and placed on top.

  5. Fan: Displaying the cards spread out in a semi-circular shape, either in one or both hands.

  6. Spring: Propelling cards from one hand to the other in a controlled manner, creating a cascading effect.

  7. Dribble: A variation of the spring, where cards are allowed to fall from one hand to the other, creating a dribbling effect.

  8. The Click: When a deck of playing cards becomes warped from either a lack of humidity or too much humidity, resulting in a "clicking" sound and compromised handling.

  9. Isolation: A move in which one or more cards appear to float or remain stationary while others move around them.

  10. Poop Deck: Refers to a deck that has been broken in to a point where it appears visually dissatisfying, but feels good in a Cardist's hand and is often used to learn new moves and practice.  

  11. Comfy: Refers to a cardistry move that, once learned, is easy and satisfying to repeat.

  12. Twirl: Spinning a card or a packet of cards around one's fingers.

  13. Aerial: Any move where the cards are thrown or propelled into the air and caught.

  14. Display: A complex flourish where the cards are spread or fanned out in elaborate patterns. 

  15. Flow: The smooth transition and execution of moves in a sequence, emphasizing the rhythm and fluidity of the performance.

  16. Jam: An informal gathering of cardists, where they share moves, techniques, and ideas.

  17. Rotation: A collection of playing cards that a Cardist is actively using and switching between - referred to as their rotation.
  18. Knuckle-Busting/Knacky: A move that is difficult to perform or learn, so much so that it stretches and hurts the Cardist's hands.
  19. Angel: When a card is stuck to the performing Cardists finger due to sweat, often used to create a gravity defying effect.  
  20. Break-In: Refers to wearing a brand new deck in so that it handles in a more desirable fashion. Learn how to break in a deck here! 
  21. Crimp: Where the edges or corner of one or more playing cards are severely bent
  22. Cardestroy: A term invented by Cardist, Shivraj Morzaria. Refers to the practice of actively destroying playing cards to make unique and creative cardistry moves that are not possible with normal methods.
  23. Sequence: A series of cardistry moves or flourishes performed in a specific order, often choreographed to create a visually pleasing routine.

Starting with these terms will ensure you're well-prepared to dive deeper into the world of Cardistry. As you progress, you'll encounter more advanced terminology and techniques, expanding your vocabulary and skill set. Happy flourishing!

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