ARCHIVAL: Maidens & Dystopia

ARCHIVAL: Maidens & Dystopia - Joker and the Thief


This is a blog series, or more so a time-capsule, where we keep a record of what decks we've produced in the past as they leave the store for good. 

Inevitably we will produce decks of playing cards that will be discontinued. These rare, out of print works will not be lost to history. This series keeps our store current and fresh, and allows you to come back and see the decks we've produced in the past. Who knows? Maybe some decks will be revived... some gone forever.

Let's begin.


2017 - LTD. EDITION OF 3000
Printed by the USPCC in 2017 on Crushed Stock & Finish. Funded on Kickstarter. 
Easily one of Joker and the Thief's most intricate decks of playing cards and sported the most complex manufacturing processes. This behemoth required 6 passes in the press to achieve its tri-tone foil tuck box with interior and exterior foil. It featured a custom shaped sticker seal, that required its own tooling. The paper used on the tuck was black soft touch paper. 
Since being out of print, demand for this deck has skyrocketed. Well known as the deck JT "Dialled up to 11."
Dystopia playing cards on a wooden surface table
the back design of dystopia playing cards



2018 - LTD. EDITION OF 2500
Printed by the USPCC in 2018 on Crushed Stock & Finish. Funded on Kickstarter. 
Maidens was by far the furthest departure from the norm for Joker and the Thief and was a collaboration with world renowned artist, Kentaro Yoshida. Considered one of Joker and the Thief's more underrated designs. It featured offset printing, foil, and a custom shaped seal. Compared to the successes of the decks that came before it, Maidens was a challenging project to get off the ground and remained a slow burn in sales for at least a year since its release.

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