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Back in March of 2019, Joker and the Thief's James Milaras travelled with viral cardistry sensation Sean Oulashin (@notseano) to Kathmandu in Nepal, after partnering with the Australian charity Friends of Himalayan Children.

We had be told that problem underground gambling was effecting the lives of Children in small Himalayan villages. We felt that it was our responsibility to change the imagery of playing cards and shift the perception of negativity to creativity with cards, for a new younger generation. Not only this, we firmly believe Cardistry is a powerful creative outlet and is a constructive art form. Needless to say, the journey was a huge success. 

To see what happens, watch our adventures below! 

Recently, Cardistry-Con was held in Portland, Oregon. Joker and the Thief sponsored the event this year and was able to screen Cardistry Was Here. The reception was incredible and resulted in raising $2400 for the completely volunteer based charity. To put things into perspective, just $1000 is enough to feed an entire village for a month! 

Joker and the Thief presents Cardistry Was Here at Cardistry-Con in Portland Oregon 2019

We'd just like to say a huge and warm thank you to the Cardistry community for their generosity towards this cause. Thanks to Brigit Cheshire for snapping these photos at the Con!

Presenting the Cardistry documentary at the McMenamins Crystal Ballroom in Portland Oregon

If you would like to donate to the cause and help support a brand new Cardistry Community you can donate any amount you feel to our online campaign that donates directly to Friends of Himalayan Children. Support the kids of Batase HERE!

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