5 AWESOME items in our Everyday Carry!

5 AWESOME items in our Everyday Carry! - Joker and the Thief

Two playing cards, a brass zippo lighter, a crocodile leather card clip, a pocket knife, a MacBook Pro, and an iPhone on the wooden table

Everybody has their essentials that they carry with them everyday. There is also a strangely curious feeling within us all that wants to know what other people carry around in their pockets or backpacks. It can be inspiring, it can be eye-opening, and it is just plain interesting. 

Here's what James carries around day to day!

1. Apple MacBook Pro and iPhone 7

Probably the most important items in our everyday carry is our tech. Every morning, we head into town. At the coffee shop, out will come the laptop. Every major task regarding Joker and the Thief is handled on this very capable machine, and when we're on the go, the iPhone is the perfect device to handle all social and mobile tasks. 

2. Zippo Lighter and Pocket Knife

They're handier than you would think, and make the perfect outdoor adventure items. You never know when you may need to open a package, slice some food, cut something free, or light a fire. The Shrade Old-timer pocket knife is the companion that every man should have. And a zippo lighter is an ever dependable and handy tool to have. Be ready for anything, adventure could be just around the corner. 

3. Playing Cards (Of Course!)

How could we not mention these? Our selection of playing cards are our very own Dystopia Playing Cards - for their amazing handling and super striking looks. They're definitely a head turner and with cards feeling the way these do it's hard not to carry them, day in, day out. 

4. Crocodile Card Clip

Badass playing cards require a badass card clip. We house all of the Joker and the Thief decks in Art of Play produced card clips - the highest quality on the market. The one pictured is adorned with Louis Vuitton grade Australian saltwater crocodile leather that we produced alongside Dan and Dave Industries. It's by far the most luxurious (and coolest) card clip ever made!

5. Sunglasses

Because Ray Bans look great! And also, eye protection yo. Australia is sunny as hell! 

Everyday Carry of Apple MacBook Pro, Apple iPhone 7, RayBan New Wayfarer Sunglasses, Zippo Bronze Lighter, Shrade Oldtimer Pocket Knife, Dystopia Mad Max Inspired Playing Cards by Joker and the Thief, Australian Saltwater Crocodile Leather Card Clip produced by Dan and Dave Industries and Art of Play

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