Joker and the Thief: Edition 5 Playing Cards

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The celebration of 5 years as a brand! Originally funded on Kickstarter in 2015, this latest edition of playing cards is the fifth and final edition of our debut design. 

We poured our hearts and souls into the brand over the last five years and have produced some spectacular designs since our very first crowdfunding campaign. We decided to produce one last deck of the original Joker and the Thief design before moving onto new frontiers.

A limited edition, only 1500 decks of this design will ever exist. Rare and super exclusive. Less than 800 Decks Remain. When they're gone, they are gone forever. 

Edition 5 features effortlessly elegant holly green Pantone inks, complimented by deep red inks and rich copper metallic inks.

Expertly crafted by our letterpress studio based in Southern California, the tuck box is easily the best in the series. It features for the first time heavy embossing coupled with distinct satin copper foil - adding unparalleled dimension to this design that past versions just aren't able to match. It also utilises premium imported paper. 

Printed in the U.S.A. on premium crushed stock and finish for superb handling and unrivalled durability. Printed with environmentally safe ink on sustainably sourced paper.


Printed by the historic United States Playing Card Company in Erlanger, Kentucky. 130 years of printing heritage ensures that you get nothing but the best quality deck of playing cards on Earth.

All of our creations are masterfully packaged in gorgeous tuck boxes crafted on vintage Heidelberg Printing Presses.

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Picked, Packed and Posted by our world class fulfilment centre, Art of Play in California. Have confidence knowing that your cards will arrive safe and sound.