Wayfarers Playing Cards
The front of the tuck box of Joker and the Thief&
A close up of two decks of Wayfarers playing cards. The embossing and foil of the surface of the box is highlighted. The box is black with eggshell pigment foil and bronze foil
A striking look at the back of the Wayfarers tuck box, showing off its reflective bronze foil and embossing. The middle of the box displays a skeletal figure holding two globes in the palms of its hands. The embossing techniques evoke a piece of hand beaten copper metal. The seal is an off-white with vibrant blue and red elements.
A close up and detailed view of the sides of the tuck box of Wayfarers Playing Cards. In bronze foil, the embossed text reads "Joker and the Thief" and is accompanied by moon phase design elements.
An outstretched hand holds the ace of spades card from the wayfarers deck of playing cards. The lighting of the photo highlights the bronze metallic ink laden on the card. The spade includes details of moon phases, a mountain and a campfire.
An entire deck of Wayfarers playing cards face down on a waxed canvas surface. The back design features two emboldened eagles with the Joker and the Thief insignia present in the centre and the Wayfarers logo flanking either side.
The Joker and the Thief card with two match sticks. One intact, one burned.
The club court cards from Wayfarers playing cards resting on a waxed canvas surface. The jack, queen and king feature metallic ink, and vibrant red and blue ink.
The interior of the wayfarers tuck box is displayed. At the flaps of the interior states "Nowhere to go but forward." It is accompanied by a tessellated interior pattern printed in foil.
The jack, queen, and king of spades. Each of these court cards represent the sky and eagles and falcons accompany each card. Each card features red and blue ink as well as bronze metallic ink.
A photo highlighting the seal on the Wayfarers playing cards. The seal is beige in colour and features vibrant red and blue ink with a JT within a coiled serpent
The three diamond court cards overlapping each other on a waxed canvas surface. The jack is holding a bunch of line caught fish. The queen is holding two fishing hooks, and the king is sporting a spear gun and a ribbon fish.
The tuck box of wayfarers playing cards standing upright on a waxed canvas surface. The interior flap is revealed displaying ornate details of a mountain and flora. These elements are embossed and reflect the light - illuminating the bronze foil.
The heart court cards lined up in a row on a dirty waxed canvas surface. These court cards represent the overland element of the Wayfarers deck. Each card&
The back of the wayfarers playing cards&

Wayfarers Playing Cards

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Joker and the Thief presents Wayfarers Playing Cards - a deck of playing cards that embodies the spirit of travel and adventure!

For our founder James, travel is an essential part of life. He wanted to produce a deck of playing cards that appealed to his love of gathering new experiences. Venturing outwards into the world isn't simply about being in a new place and relaxing. It is an educational experience. When on the road, you're supposed to be broadening your horizons internally, and paying close attention to the world around you. If you observe closely and listen intently, you will be taught new and exciting lessons whether that be through exposure to new cultures, or tapping into the innate wisdom of nature. All this shapes your character for the better. After over 12 months of design, Wayfarers were born. We'll leave it up to you, but we think it is a compelling representation of those who wander far and wide.

The back design boldly represents personal freedom and the human desire to fly high. Laden with ornate details and alluring metallic ink throughout the back design which naturally continues onto the face cards.  

Anything but standard - Wayfarers' face cards feature completely original artwork and a deep narrative running throughout. Wayfarer’s court cards represent nature’s elements - with each royal exercising dominion over their allocated aspect of reality.

Riffle through the deck further and you will come cross yet another compelling Joker and the Thief ace of spades. Effortlessly classic and rich with symbolism.

Wayfarers' tuck box speaks for itself. It is peppered with luxurious touches, including two types of foils - liberally applied to the exterior and interior of the tuck box.

Each foil is stamped heavily, utilising embossing techniques which provide a texture that has to be felt in person to be truly appreciated. Feel every raised surface as you run your fingers over the undulating surface of the tuck box.

Finally, Wayfarers is anointed with a tax stamp style seal, complete with a perforation, allowing you to open your new deck with ease and without damage. 

Proudly printed in the U.S.A by the United States Playing Card Company in Erlanger, Kentucky - on crushed stock and finish for incredible handling and durability.

Printed with environmentally safe ink on sustainably sourced paper.

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Picked, packed and posted by our world class fulfilment centre in San Diego, California. We ensure that your decks are securely packaged with the protection they deserve. Have confidence knowing that your order will arrive safe and sound!

Made in America

Quality is our highest priority. That's why we only use the best manufacturers in the world. Our cards and boxes are printed in the United States with industry leading quality. The factory we use has 130 years of playing card printing experience. They know their stuff!


The Luxury Collection sets the standard for what our brand represents. Our in-house artists replace the boring decks you’re used to, and breathe life into truly special creations instead. Follow the narrative as you riffle through your cards. These masterpieces are packaged within sensational tuck cases, expertly crafted in America. Feel the raised elements of the art, draped in shining foil, as you run your fingers over the surfaces.

Peppered with Lavish Touches
Cards that shine

Accentuating the details on our 100% custom designs. Watch your luxury playing cards shimmer!


Our Crushed Performance stock begins life as two sheets of FSC-Certified paper. They are passed through a press with a black glue core sticking them together. We specify a higher pressure than normal during this process. This results in a remarkably thin stock with superior handling, while retaining the durability our decks are known for.

the finishing touch

We utilise a special finish on the surface of our cards. It is applied to the paper's surface by linen rollers, creating dimples that form air pockets between each card. This allows your playing cards to glide and spread with absolute ease. 

Each deck features a security seal, so that you know your cards have not been tampered with. Our seals are perforated, providing an easy way to open your new deck and preserve the seal's art without the need for sharp objects.


All of our decks feature Anti-Cheat Glue Core Technology. Sandwiched between each card is a black glue, fusing both sheets of FSC-Certified Paper that forms our stock. This is a security feature that ensures any one card remains opaque when held up to bright light. Fair Play!

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