Woohoo! From here, you will receive an order confirmation email. And once your package has been dispatched, you will be sent a shipping confirmation email complete with a tracking number.

Delivery times are safe estimations ONLY and are not guaranteed. They apply after dispatch of the package and do not account for the time it takes to clear International Customs.

Due to the pandemic, packages may be significantly delayed due to logistical issues. Delivery times also vary depending on the time of year. For example; from Black Friday to New Year's Day, shipping speeds are impacted due to the influx of packages in the mail systems during the Holiday period.

Due to current requirements from the UK Government surrounding VAT collection for international merchants, we are not able to ship the UK at this time. We are, however, able to ship orders of $190usd before shipping costs. We do have a contingency in place, and if you want to order less than that sum, please visit our Authorised Dealer, in the UK to purchase Joker and the Thief decks. This dealer does not carry anything outside of our playing cards.

In certain circumstances, yes. Our fulfilment team in San Diego works fast to get your orders out the door in a timely manner, while remaining safe. Domestically, we are not experiencing significant delays in the United States outside of major holidays. 

Internationally, your order may be impacted. Due to a decreased number of outgoing international mail flights, your order could be subject to delay.

Depending on which country you live in, you may experience limited tracking. This is totally normal. And during the pandemic, it may take longer for the tracking number to update and for package to move globally due to decreased cargo flights.

If your tracking number reflects that your package has arrived in its destination country but has failed to update, please contact your local mail provider, post office, or customs. They can help you locate your mail. If it has been a significant amount of time and you have still not received your mail, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to offer assistance.

We ship from San Diego, California in the United States.

No. But we are able to monitor your package's progress via its tracking number, which is supplied to you. Please remember that once a package leaves our warehouse, it is out of our hands and we do not have any control over the mail service handling your shipment while it is on its way to you. We recommend contacting your local postal service and post office to gain additional support.

Our store is displayed in U.S. Dollars. 

We aim to restock decks as quickly as possible, aiming for every 6 months. If you would like to be notified when your desired product comes back in stock, you can enter your email on the product page to receive word that the deck has returned. Some decks are limited editions and will be discontinued. The deck you are searching for may be available on our Amazon Store though, so it is worth taking a look there.

Our cards are proudly made in the United States of America. We utilise a world famous factory that has been around for 140 years and is now located in Kentucky. Our tuck boxes are made in California. The decks are assembled in California too.

Depending on the project, we will. It will be explicitly stated though. We only use the highest quality facilities outside of America. 

Letterpress printing is simply a technique utilising a specialised printing press. It allows us great control over the process of creating our tuck boxes.

We use premium paper stock and can apply processes such as embossing (raising elements of the design) from that paper, and applying shiny foils, and impressing ink into the paper. The result is super luxurious!

Embossing refers to anything raised from the surface of the paper on the box. Our decks often employ embossing and foil elements in tandem. This means you can feel design elements when you run your fingers over them because they are protruding slightly from the paper. 

While our playing cards are vastly more durable than a cheap deck of cards, we recommend washing your hands before use. This keeps your cards cleaner and slicker for longer because the oils from your hands aren’t as prevalent when they are clean. We also recommend not severely bending your cards and causing creases. Our cards are designed to bend and flex, but not to be crimped and creased. 

No. Avoid water. If you notice a droplets on the surface of your cards, simply take a towel and wipe it down. It should be fine given the water hasn’t been there for a minute or two. The edges of the cards are more susceptible to water damage, and it generally won’t destroy the card. But you will notice a black mark on the edge of the card from where the water was absorbed into the card stock. Leave it to dry and the card will still be playable. Our playing cards contain no plastic. Plastic decks are the only waterproof decks on the market.

Yes they will! Alongside our custom security seals, each deck is wrapped tightly in cellophane to protect them. Factory fresh!

No. Our playing cards come as a sealed set. We are not able to provide you with individual replacement cards, or replace an entire deck for you. Sorry!

Our decks are made from premium casino-grade paper stock. It is made with two sheets of FSC Certified Paper with a black glue core. Which is partially why they feel excellent in the hands and are durable compared to plastic or cheap cardboard. 

Easy! Just scroll to the bottom of an email we have sent you and you can use the unsubscribe link. It takes 30 seconds at most!

No, you cannot change or cancel an order after it has been placed. Once an order has been placed it cannot be updated. As soon as you place your order it is immediately locked into our processing system which allows us to get your new cards sent out to you right away.

Yes we do, along with all major credit cards. Please see the footer of our website to see all available payment methods.

Unfortunately not, unless otherwise specified on a sales event, discount codes are not combinable. 

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