Joker and the Thief: White gold edition playing cards on a transparent background
The back design of White Gold Edition playing cards displayed on a flat ornate metal surface
The golden ace of spades with red accents from White Gold Edition playing cards on display on an ornate metal surface
All of the royal court cards on display on a. flat ornate metal surface
The embossed tuck box of white gold edition playing cards on display on a metallic surface
The Joker card and thief card from white gold edition playing cards on display on an ornate metal surface
A close up shot of the details on the back of the packaging for White Gold Edition
A royal flush of playing cards for the joker and the thief white gold edition playing cards
Five cards of White Gold Edition playing cards held in the left hand
The two joker and the thief ad cards from white gold edition playing cards. One is a metallic full bleed card

Joker and the Thief: White Gold Edition Playing Cards

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Joker and the Thief: White Gold Edition is the second deck we have ever produced. The Joker and the Thief series evokes a story of life and mortality - riffle the cards and peek inside the thievery, lies, and deceit that transforms this deck for an enchanting game of play.

The back-design has been meticulously designed. It effortlessly draws you in to a gathering of 12 court cards, dressed with charisma and distinct in character - royalty ready for battle. Following the custom court cards are weathered spot cards, a striking Ace of Spades and two Jokers depict a harlequin and a bandit. This version of the Joker and the Thief series features Gold Metallic ink on its back design and on the face cards. 

This masterpiece is packaged within a sensational tuck case, utilising premium imported dyed paper stock, and draped in beautiful satin gold foil. This is complimented by luxurious raised elements across the surfaces of the tuck box. All expertly crafted by our letterpress studio based in sunny California.

Masterfully printed with 140 years of heritage at our U.S. based facility. It features Crushed Performance Stock and our signature Linen Glide Finish for impeccable handling, and superior durability. The White Gold Edition sets the standard of luxury for the Joker and the Thief brand. 

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Quality is our highest priority. That's why we only use the best manufacturers in the world. Our cards and boxes are printed in the United States with industry leading quality. The factory we use has 130 years of playing card printing experience. They know their stuff!


The Luxury Collection sets the standard for what our brand represents. Our in-house artists replace the boring decks you’re used to, and breathe life into truly special creations instead. Follow the narrative as you riffle through your cards. These masterpieces are packaged within sensational tuck cases, expertly crafted in America. Feel the raised elements of the art, draped in shining foil, as you run your fingers over the surfaces.

Peppered with Lavish Touches
Cards that shine

Accentuating the details on our 100% custom designs. Watch your luxury playing cards shimmer!


Our Crushed Performance stock begins life as two sheets of FSC-Certified paper. They are passed through a press with a black glue core sticking them together. We specify a higher pressure than normal during this process. This results in a remarkably thin stock with superior handling, while retaining the durability our decks are known for.

the finishing touch

We utilise a special finish on the surface of our cards. It is applied to the paper's surface by linen rollers, creating dimples that form air pockets between each card. This allows your playing cards to glide and spread with absolute ease. 

Each deck features a security seal, so that you know your cards have not been tampered with. Our seals are perforated, providing an easy way to open your new deck and preserve the seal's art without the need for sharp objects.


All of our decks feature Anti-Cheat Glue Core Technology. Sandwiched between each card is a black glue, fusing both sheets of FSC-Certified Paper that forms our stock. This is a security feature that ensures any one card remains opaque when held up to bright light. Fair Play!

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