The front of the tuck box of Midnight Blue Edition Playing Cards
The tuck box of edition 5 standing up on end with its top flaps open. It displays its satin silver foil within the tuck box itself
Three decks of midnight blue stacked on their ends like books on a bookshelf. The side of the tuck box reads "Joker and the Thief ESTD. MMXV"
The back design of Midnight Blue Edition Playing Cards surrounded by four tuck boxes of Joker and the Thief playing cards
The ace of spades of Midnight Blue Edition playing cards leaning against a stack of three decks.
A close up shadowy top down image of the two joker cards of midnight blue edition on a wooden table
All of the jacks, queens and kings from every suit on display on a wooden table

Joker and the Thief: Midnight Blue Edition Playing Cards

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The Joker and the Thief series evokes a story of life and mortality - riffle the cards and peek inside the thievery, lies, and deceit that transforms this deck for an enchanting game of play.

The back-design has been meticulously designed. It effortlessly draws you in to a gathering of 12 court cards, dressed with charisma and distinct in character - royalty ready for battle. Following the custom court cards are weathered spot cards, a striking Ace of Spades and two Jokers depict a harlequin and a bandit.

This masterpiece is packaged within a sensational tuck case, utilising premium imported dyed paper stock, and draped in beautiful satin silver foil. All expertly crafted by our letterpress studio based in sunny California.

Masterfully printed with 140 years of heritage at the United States Playing Card Company based in Kentucky, using a signature crush stock and finish. This means two things - incredible handling and durability.

The Midnight Blue Edition, the original design, is bold and powerful - a true testament to the Joker and the Thief brand. 


Printed by the historic United States Playing Card Company in Erlanger, Kentucky. 130 years of printing heritage ensures that you get nothing but the best quality deck of playing cards on Earth.

All of our creations are masterfully packaged in gorgeous tuck boxes crafted on vintage Heidelberg Printing Presses.

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Picked, Packed and Posted by our world class fulfilment centre, Art of Play in California. Have confidence knowing that your cards will arrive safe and sound.

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