5 Drinking Games to Play With Playing Cards

5 Drinking Games to Play With Playing Cards - Joker and the Thief

5 Playing Cards Drinking Games You Need to Try

1. Kings Cup

A deck of cards circled around a bottle of beer on a table ready to play king's cup the drinking game

One of the oldest drinking games around, Kings Cup is easy to learn and great for large groups.

To play this fun drinking game, you’ll need cups, beer, and a full deck of cards (without jokers).

All the players should arrange their cups in the middle of the table and fill them with beer. The dealer then flips over a card from the deck, and each card has its own rule that everyone must follow throughout the game (for example, if an 8 is flipped, all players must touch the table before taking their turn).

The last person to do what’s required drinks their beer.

The game continues until all four kings have been revealed, at which point someone has to drink from the “King’s Cup” in the center of the table - usually filled with some type of hard liquor like vodka or whiskey.

This is a great game to get everyone involved and having a good time, and because of how simple it is, no matter how tipsy everyone's getting, you'll all still be able to follow along!

2. High or Low?

Someone playing High or Low with a deck of playing cards on a wooden surface

This game is great for two players but can also be adapted for larger groups if needed. So if you're hosting a smaller party, this might just be one of the best options!

In High or Low, each player takes alternating turns drawing cards from one deck between them;  then, every player has to guess whether they think the next card will be higher than or lower than the previous one drawn by either saying “high” or “low” aloud before flipping it over.

You can also add variations to High or Low such as: Red or Black and Number Card or Court Card.

If they guess correctly, nothing happens, but if they guess incorrectly, they have to take a drink from their beverage of choice! The player who gets through all 52 cards first without making any wrong guesses wins! But be ready because this game can be quite intense as you and your opponents try to guess what card will come next.

3. Drunk Jacks

Two decks of playing cards on a surface each with a jack card face up on the top of the decks

For this classic drinking game, you need 6-8 people and two decks of cards (minus jokers). Any type of card will work as long as you've got all 50 of them.

Each player takes turns flipping over one card from each deck in succession; if both are jacks, then whoever flipped them has to take two drinks, three if it’s two black jacks!

If not then everyone else drinks once while they keep going until someone gets unlucky enough to flip two jacks at once! It's not only exciting but also a great way to get everyone at the party involved and having some fun. Even those who aren't actually playing the game!

4. Across the Bridge

A line of playing cards, some face up, some face down to play Across the Bridge a drinking game

Across the Bridge is a game that is sure to liven up any gathering with its simple yet exciting mechanics. To begin, a deck of cards is shuffled and ten cards are laid out in a row, face down. Players take turns flipping over the cards one by one, with the goal of making it to the end of the row without revealing any face cards. If a numbered card is flipped, the player can move on to the next one, but if a face card is revealed, the player must take a drink and add extra cards to the end of the row.

The number of cards added depends on the face card revealed. A jack adds one card, a queen adds two, a king adds three, and an ace adds four, making the row longer and the game more challenging. Once a player reaches the end of the row, the game is over and all other players must take a drink as well. The round proceeds clockwise, guaranteeing a night of laughter and spirited competition.

5.  Killer

Three piles of playing cards on a table for the drinking game "killer"

In Killer, each player is dealt 5-7 cards from the same deck. Players take turns flipping over a card and if it matches any of the suits from the other players, then they have to take a sip from their drink. If each card is different then no one has to drink.

If you're feeling extra daring, you can opt for some harder rules like forcing all players to drink if 4 of 5 cards are the same suit or if 3 of 5 cards match another player's.

This game is great for large groups as it does not require a lot of skill or strategy, so everyone can just sit back and enjoy the fun! Plus, it's a great way to get people interacting with one another and having some laughs. 

The Bottom Line

Card games are always fun, but why not make things even more interesting by adding some alcohol? Try these five awesome drinking games next time you gather around your kitchen table with friends or family! With these five awesome drinking games using playing cards, you won't have any trouble getting your party started right away – so grab your decks now and get ready for some crazy nights ahead!

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