Deck of Joker and the Thief Victory playing cards on a note pad with pen and two playing cards Deck of Joker and the Thief Victory playing cards on a note pad with pen and two playing cards




When it comes to caring for your luxury playing cards, there are key ways of extending the life of your new decks. By taking the proper steps to protect your cards from the start, you'll be able to enjoy them for many games, cardistry practice sessions, or magic performances to come.

Learn how to shuffle a deck of playing cards like a pro with our guide to the 3 most popular methods. From the basic Overhand Shuffle to the iconic Riffle Shuffle, impress your friends and master a useful life skill. Step by step instructions and helpful tips included. Say goodbye to embarrassment and hello to impressing everyone with your card shuffling skills.

You may have seen a deck of playing cards in a card clip before. But why? What are they? And why do Cardists and Magicians use them so regularly? In this post we cover everything you need to know about card clips.
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Joining the archives are Joker and the Thief's Maidens Playing Cards and Dystopia Playing Cards. The Archival is a series where you can see our discontinued, limited, and out of print decks.
Joker and the Thief teams up with Sean Oulashin on a charity mission to travel to a remote Himalayan village in Nepal and teach children the art of Cardistry.
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